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Welcome to my LoveFlow online academy. Here you will find:

Courses on creating a more sustainable and nourishing long-term sex life
Courses on how to reach your fullest and richest sexuality
Courses that address all the most common sexual problems and difficulties
Raising your sex life to spiritual and holistic wellbeing
Lots of free content in videos, podcasts and articles

It is all a part of the comprehensive and detailed practice,
a new vision for your relationship.

WHAT IS Holistic sex


I am Alexey, the author of this online academy LoveFlow.

Maybe your sex life is ok and has no problem.

But you know there should be more.

Love. Energy. Full Richness. Vitality. 
Journey. Connection.
Wellbeing. Aliveness. Spirituality. 

But you don't how to achieve this.
You might try to get it by improving the usual technique or ‘fun’.
But you can’t – it’s a basic model.
You will do it well and it still just can't go further.

I have developed the next level practice for you.
A complete vision: new technique and new way of thinking.

To live your life to the full.
Nourished by this amazing energy, beauty and love that sexuality truly is.
Making you fully alive and enriched.

Read on to see what it will give you.

No more mechanical work on some ‘pleasure’.
As if this describes your relationship.

Real physical love.

Real connection.

Real physical conversation.

Generate love and connection for your relationship.

Have a true journey together through worlds of beauty.

True emotional richness, soulful variety.

No more basic limited technique.
Like using a pan and a stick to make music.
Real sophisticated music.

Greater richness of feeling and sensation

A greater understanding of your body, mind and feeling together.

New range, depth, variety and beauty.

No more trying to make time only for ‘adult fun’ and ‘pleasure’.

Nourishing for your heart and soul.

For your relationship.


Feeding your wellbeing.

Transforming your daily life.


Sexuality is a powerful energy.

No need to resign that quick passion will fizzle out.
To resign that all sex eventually stops in a relationship.

A sex life that really works for a long relationship.

Regenerates sustainably.

Grows and evolves with your relationship.

Stays out of routine.

Always new worlds, new places, new depths.

Keeps feeding your relationship with energy and love.

No more pressure to maintain this heavy effort of a sex life in the middle of the busy life.

No need for lots of time, energy and desire.

A sex life that is a true source and works for you.

Doesn't take from you.

No more conflict with spirituality.

This is the way to live your sexuality spiritually.

Holistic sex is easy, relevant and practical
Any person can take sexuality to new levels of love, energy and wellbeing.