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WHAT IS Advanced sex

Holistic Sex is the full comprehensive practice for your sex life that I have developed from 20 of my work as a sex coach and sex therapist.

Holistic sex is a solution. Over the course of my career I analyzed why people feel mainstream sex as shallow, unfulfilling, short-lived and hard work.

Holistic sex will be for you a new way of having sex and making love – beyond the ordinary practice. Even beyond what we normally call ‘great sex’. 

Holistic Sex is a set of new techniques and new ways of thinking. It is the full range of physical practices you could do together to share your sexual energy, your love and your intimacy through your bodies. It is a spectrum from full blown passion to meditative nourishing cuddle. It is a complete body of knowledge about sex, a new vision for your life together.

Holistic Sex is the result of 20 years of practical research that took place with clients in my practice. See below the origins of it.

Most of the ideas of holistic sex will be new to you. However, they will ring true to you as effortless common sense that you have been looking for but you didn’t know it existed. This is because I will share with you how sex really works. Most of we know about sex in our culture is a fairly tale.

Holistic Sex is relevant, complete and practical for any person.

It is not some exotic sexual practice. It is for real life.






A richer experience physically and emotionally.

Uncovers untapped levels of feeling in your body.

Makes your body develop to feel new things.

A true experience of physical love.

Generates love as a real energy.

Flourishing relationship as a result of lovemaking.

Real connection in every moment.

Real connection between you as a result of lovemaking.

Deeply fulfilling and meaningful time together.

A new world of experiences and beautiful places in sexuality.

Infinite variety.

Genuine variety, for all your true needs in your sex life.

Easy, effortless and free.

No more pressures, hard work and insecurities.

Taking care of each other with lovemaking.

Nourishing each other, loving each other with it.

Taking an infinite journey to new places together.


Doesn’t drain your physical and emotional energy.

Turns lovemaking into a powerful source of positive energy.

Feeds your body, mind and soul.

Nourishes your emotional wellbeing.

Recharges you and revitalizes you.

Enhances your resources, creativity, motivation.

Brings more energy, vitality, wellbeing into your life.

Have no more toxic sex and draining sex.

It’s the healthy nourishing diet for your sex life.

Feel more beauty, aliveness, happiness and grace


Stops your intimacy from fizzling out.

Keeps your sexual relationship forever growing and evolving.

Regenerates your sexual energy and attraction.

Removes all pressure and hard work.

No need to find a lot of time, or energy.

Effortless and frequent sex life.


Fits into a spiritual lifestyle.

Aligns with your spiritual values.

Resolves the conflicts with spirituality.

Recharges and harnesses your spiritual energy.

Helps you in your spiritual growth.

Takes you into deep experiences – if you wish.

Gives you insights.


Resolves all the typical minor dissatisfactions.

Takes away the pressures and insecurities.

Makes your relationship more immune to sex problems.

Gives real life solutions to serious sex problems.

Works around limiting health issues.

Works around limiting life circumstances.

Let’s give you a bunch of mental shifts
Because what you believe about sex limits you
Let’s give you new aims and perspectives in sexuality
Because new aims will allow you to make new outcomes
Let’s give you real knowledge about the body.
Because typical sexual knowledge knows nothing about the body.
Let’s give you a whole new set of physical technique
So that you can make a much richer thing out of each moment.
Let’s give you a set of mental and emotional sexual techniques
Because they actually make a bigger difference than physical technique.
Let’s put these techniques together to make enriching, nourishing energy.
Because typical sexual energy is all hollow fun.
Let’s develop your feeling and sensitivity.
Because through practice you will develop to feel much more.
Let’s give you some new kinds of sex to include
Because there are some very important nourishing kinds you don't know about.
Let’s teach you principles of variety and sustainability.
Because typical sexual practice will kill a sex life, and we want it to be evergreen.
Put all this together – and you have a practice of holistic sex.
A practice that feeds you with true richness, wellbeing, love and beauty.
Advanced sex IS EASY

Once you learn it, it is effortless.

Your sex life becomes good in so many different ways, that you are never discontent.
You never need to give it more effort and energy than what you can comfortably offer today.

It is much more difficult to have normal sex – with all its goals, achievements, all the effort needed to do so much work, while you are constantly drained by it a well.

You don’t need to do exercises and work hard to learn Holistic Sex.

You learn simply when you spend time together - in your real intimacy.

You don’t need to train for months.

You can start today and you can see results fast.

It is a very convenient way to learn at home, in your privacy.

You don’t need to go anywhere or schedule any retreats.


I developed the practice practice of Holistic Sex from 20 years of practical research in my consultancy.

Since 2002 I have worked intensively with thousands of people as an intimacy coach and alternative sex therapist.

I initially started with the Eastern approaches to sexuality - Tantric, Taoist, etc. I had extensively studied them and trained in using these methods to help others in developing and healing sexuality.

However, having fuly explored those practices and appplied them to their maximum extent in my consultancy, I quickly found those teachings were quite basic and not relevant to the real needs of my clients in their growth.

(Since then this industry has also grown in ways that I can no longer align with)

There was no complete body of knowledge that could teach loving, profound, mature sexuality to take people to a higher level of consciousness, presence, energy, wellbeing and growth.

On my initial foundation of study and training I set out to do further practical research in my consultancy. I collected and analysed all the existing Eastern knowldge on sexuality. I simplified, modified, developed and adapted these existent ideas to make them more relevant, realistic and effective. I also developed and tested new methods and techniques to fill the many gaps. I brought in a lot of practices from other mind-body disciplines and adapted them for sexuality. I also followed the relevant advances in the relevant branches of scientific research to develop a more accurate understanding of sexual practice. This research took place since 2002 in my consultancy as an alternative sex therapist and a sex coach. I closely observed how my clients progressed and what worked in real life. 

Holistic Sex is the result of these 20 years of practical research and development.