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ABOUT Alexey

Alexey Welsh is a London-based sex author, sex educator, sex coach and alternative sex therapist who guides people into their ultimate experience of sexuality based in love, wellbeing, true enrichment, real relationship and spiritual depth.

Alexey has worked for over 20 years as a Holistic Sex coach and an alternative sex therapist, and he is the creator of complete comprehensive systems for transformational sexual practice, such as Holistic Sex and Relationship Sex.

Alexey’s journey started as an intuitive healer in sexuality in his personal life. Following that, he trained comprehensively with a range of masters in authentic Tantric and Taoist sexual practices (with a focus on realistic application in day-to-day relationships and sex therapy), and completed an extensive cross-study of all major teachings on alternative conscious and sacred sexuality, as well as contemporary Western sexology and sex science.

In early 2000s, Alexey was one of the early pioneers of brining authentic Tantric and conscious sexuality into the field of practical sex therapy in UK and adapting it for the everyday sex life.

Over the last two decades as a teacher and alternative sex therapist Alexey worked with couples and individuals in every possible life situation and with every possible challenge, problem or aspiration in sexuality.

He has personally guided thousands of individuals and couples to transform their sex life to greater love, richness, wellbeing, soulful fulfilment, wellness, life energy and sustainable ever-growing sexual relationships.

During this long period of intensive work with clients, he conducted vast practical research into human sexuality, its realities and potential.

For 20 years Alexey further developed initial Tantric and Taoist sexuality to more advanced and simple practices, combined it with western sexology and modern sex science, developed new techniques and even new kinds of sex, drew on relevant scientific research, brought in practices from other related mind-body disciples and wellbeing practices, adapted them for use in sexuality, and thoroughly tested it all in the field within his consultancy - to see what really works.

And most preciously, Alexey draws on what he has learned from thousands of clients with whom he has personally worked for over two decades.

The result is passed to you as one practical, simple and effective vision for the next evolution of your sex life: Holistic Sex.



I am very happy to see you here! :)

I have a passion and a dream:

To help every person discover sexuality as beautiful, powerful and completely positive part of your life that brings love, wellbeing and true soulful enrichment into your life. Something you can fully respect and honour.

An energy that you recognize as connected to your vitality, wellbeing, emotional wellness, empowerment. An immense source of love, and an expression of love. A place of profound connection to another human being, and to life. A very special dimension in your life that feeds you with beauty and richness for the heart and soul. A mature journey of relatedness, personal growth, development and spiritual insight.

And by connecting with sexual energy this way I would like you to see that there is a whole new rich world out there that is just as much about amazing feelings, enjoyment, a new incredible quality of sex, much more than what we can see in 'normal sex'.

I would like to give you a full practice that allows you to create all this as a master.

My dream is that everybody would be able to discover this world of enrichment, and everybody can benefit from it regarldess of who they are.

And thus change the attitude to sexuality within our society.

I would like to see us treat sexuality as a respected, honoured and important part of wellbeing, emotional health and loving relationships. To promote a mature and responsible practice of it.

For sexuality to take its honoured and respected place among other aspects of our wellbeing, growth and spiritual practices.