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Orgasmic Experiences

October 28, 2022

Orgasmic experiences

You can also expand how you understand an ‘orgasm’ to have much more interesting experiences than the typical climax.

Traditionally the word ‘orgasm’ is used for a very specific event - you stimulate the genitals to build up tension, then at some point the reflex is activated and with contractions you release that tension, which gives you one intense moment of pleasure.

This happens when you stimulate the penis to ejaculation, when you stimulate the clitoris to a release and when you stimulate the G spot to a release.

But you can instead think of an ‘orgasmic experience’, or ‘orgasmic waves’, or ‘being orgasmic’, or being in an ‘orgasmic state’.

You can think of ‘orgasmic’ as an experience where you feel sexual energy flowing through you, it fills your mind and it makes you feel blissful.

It just so happens that in our culture we chose the very basic and quick way of experiencing ‘being orgasmic’ - the typical climax - but actually we have a variety of ways of experiencing that in our body. And most of them are more advanced, more satisfying and more nutritious than the climax.

There are several distinct types of ‘orgasmic experiences’.

One type is when we stimulate the genitals in a special way to avoid irritation and craving for a release, but to send strong waves of sexual sensations flowing into your body. You can take this to high intensity and keep those waves flowing into your body on and on for as long as you want.

We can call this ‘orgasmic waves’ because they will feel like waves transmitting through you for as long as you want. You can do this in the clitoris, in the G spot and in the penis.

Unfortunately this has been called confusingly an ‘orgasm’ in the current sex educator content. It is called a ‘multiple orgasm’ (for men or for women) or an ‘orgasm without ejaculation’ (for men).

It is not an orgasm because it doesn’t feel like a typical orgasmic release. There is no release. It is just waves of strong sexual energy flowing into you and making you feel blissful.

Another experience like this can happen in the cervix or generally in the vagina. In the cervix women have a very powerful centre of sexual energy that sends very potent and nourishing waves in an ongoing way. Again, it is called a ‘cervical orgasm’ but this can be confusing because there is no one event of a climax - there is just strong pleasure and sexual energy flowing into the body for as long as the cervix is stimulated in penetration.

You can even become ‘orgasmic’ in your whole body. If you have really good sex that fully activates the sexual energy of your body, you might get into a very sensitive, vibrant, alive state where every touch and every sensation feel like ripples of joy. Your whole body feels incredibly alive and vibrating with every movement and every sensation.

This is a really beautiful state of, probably, the highest orgasmicity, and it can go and on without an end for as long as you want it, once it is activated.

In sex education content it is sometimes called a ‘full body orgasm’, especially with Tantric references, but again - it is confusing. This is not an orgasm because it is not an event. It is an ongoing vibrational state.

Orgasmic experiences don’t have to be physically intense. You can also have very interesting deep experiences that are more subtle. You can suddenly experience internal expansions, openings and rushes of bliss even in stillness. It may feel almost unnoticeable physically, but there is a a deep energetic event and you feel transformed by it.

None of these ‘orgasmic experiences’ are a release. They are all just a flow of sexual energy. Because of this they can go on for much longer, and they don’t drain you. In fact they feel incredibly nourishing.

In fact, there isn’t really any need to call them an ‘orgasm’. They are often called an ‘orgasm’ for commercial purposes, to sound more sensationalist.

They are just a flow of sexual energy.

This is the whole point - sexual energy flowing through you is far more incredible, gorgeous and nutritious than any orgasm.