Help this change
Spread the word

Spread the word

This is not just a product – it is an effort for change.
Please help to change the vision of sex in our world.
I, and others like me, can’t do it without you.
You can make a real impact for change.

Please help to change the vision of sex in our world.

You can see profound unwellness around you in sex.

It undermines our energy, our psyche, our wellbeing and our interactions with others.

It erodes us in our very heart – in our most intimate place with our loved ones.

It erodes our home – our relationships.

We need to empower a useful, mature and respectful view of sexuality in our society.

But because this topic is sex it is very difficult to promote and spread healthy content on sex.

While porn and malicious narratives spread more easily.

So I - and others who work to the same aim - could really do with your help.

We can all come together and drive this change.

Spread the word. Promote a positive narrative to counter the harmful ones.

Holistic sex is not a product – I'd like it to be a change.

A very important change that needs to happen us to be healthy and it will happen only if we all speak up. You can really make a difference.

Studies show that we only need 25% to reach a critical mass. This is easily within our reach.

The more people we reach the more we can expect a helalthy vision of sex to become normality.

We can expect it when we date and form relationships. We can expect our children to have access to this vision instead of porn.

And you can really change someone’s life. Someone's relationship is their greatest treasure, and sex is at the heart of it. You can help

Below are a few ideas of how you can help. 

1. Let’s do something together for your audience

Do you have a platform? or work for one?

  • blog
  • media site
  • podcast
  • video channel
  • group, community, etc

I would love to collaborate on helpful content for your platform.

Sexuality is always a sought out topic but little content is meaningful and impactful. Your followers are almost certainly interested in real, meaningful and progressive content on this topic but struggle to find it. 

This could be very popular with your audience - and at the same time you can make an impact.

People need these perespectives and you can be one of the actors that drive this change.

Get in touch and I'd love to propose some ideas that would suit you specifically.

2. Post in your groups, communities and networks

Share within your communities


3. Tell a friend

Connect. It only takes 25% to reach critical mass.

Connecting one to one we can make this change.

4. Share an article or video

It can be hard to tell these ideas yourself. Send an article or video that will speak it. Choose the ones worth spreading from my blog and videos. Or here are some of my personal suggestion of the ones that can make a difference: